25 September 2020

13 new grants to protect endangered animal species


In 2008, the Foundation set up a special fund dedicated to ‘endangered animal species’ to protect those under greatest threat. This fund has already contributed to the protection of 120 species worldwide. Here is the list of projects selected in 2020:


  1. 1 – Research program on fisheries agreements. International. Bloom
  2. 2 – Avoiding extinction of angel sharks in the Adriatic Sea. Adriatic sea. Sharklab
  3. 3 – Capacity building to conserve otters and wetlands in Guyana. French Guyana. IOSF
  4. 4 – Ensuring the sustainability of reintroduction of the Przewalski’s horse. Mongolia. TAKH
  5. 5 – Improvement of the Chimpanzee Conservation Center’s intake capacity and of the rehabilitation process for orphaned chimpanzees. Republic of Guinea. Projets Primates France
  6. 6 – Support for a rehabilitation center for orphaned chimpanzees to be released into the wild. Democratic Republic of Congo. P-WAC
  7. 7 – Awareness campaign: Parole de Lynx. France. Ferus
  8. 8 – Reducing Human-Painted Dog Conflict in the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary through Sustainable Conservation efforts. Namibia. Naankuse Foundation
  9. 9 – Tiger Ambassadors in the Ghodajhari Wildlife Sanctuary. India. Born Free Foundation
  10. 10 – Protecting the Red Panda through community involvement. Nepal. Red Panda Network
  11. 11 – Rescue, rehabilitation, release and population monitoring of the endangered Cape Vulture. South Africa. VulPro NPC
  12. 12 – Safeguarding the future of the large heath butterfly: Adapting farming practices to protect the butterfly’s natural habitat. France. Conservatoire botanique national de Franche-Comté
  13. 13 – Conservation of the Critically Endangered mangrove finch (Camarhynchus heliobates) in the Galapagos Islands. Ecuador. Charles Darwin Foundation


Click here to access all the small ‘Endangered* Animal Species’ projects (*according the IUCN’s list).

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