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Biodiversity conservation

"Forests precede civilizations and deserts follow them"
F.R. de Chateaubriand

Current situation

The sixth great extinction of species (1000 to 10 000 times faster than during the last century) is unfolding inexorably before our eyes. Over the last 40 years, half of the world's animal species have been lost. The blame lies squarely with loss of plant and animal habitats, climate change, overharvesting of resources vulnerable to various forms of trafficking, and the introduction of invasive species. It is all happening very quickly. Ecosystems are being destabilized, and nature is under threat. But if we come to her aid, nature can still develop some astonishing resources.

Scope of the projects funded

In this sector of intervention, the Foundation funds terrestrial and marine biodiversity conservation projects (fauna and flora) that bring sustainable social, economic and environmental benefits, particularly for the poorest communities and that contribute to protecting threatened species.

The projects funded by the Foundation take the following factors into account:

- protection and rehabilitation of particular ecosystems on the grounds of their rich biodiversity or other environmental or human significance (in the protection of particular species; as sources of non-timber products; to combat erosion or desertification; as water abstraction areas, etc.);
- protection of animal and plant species, including combating poaching and trafficking;
- greenhouse gas mitigation and/or adaptation to climate change.

Special fund: ‘Conservation of threatened animal species’

Since 2008, the Foundation's special fund for the conservation of threatened animal species has enabled numerous species in danger across the world to be protected. Find out all of these projects here.

Specific selection criteria and monitoring apply for this Fund. See here.

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