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Partners – Network



Admical, an association founded to promote corporate sponsorship, is today a clearing house for information, exchanges, ideas, and training. The Foundation participates, in particular, in its Environment Committee and also signed the ‘Charte du Mécénat’ (Sponsorship Charter).



CFFMin3Centre Français des Fondations (CFF)

The CFF brings together a number of Foundations and Endowment Funds and leads nine working groups. Fondation Ensemble is a member of two groups : ‘Family or private foundations’ and ‘Environment’.




EFCGroupe Environnement

The EFC operates as a platform for the exchange of experience, and as a development resource for joint projects. It is also a source of information on Foundations in Europe. With some 250 full members (Foundations and private funding bodies), it operates in over 37 countries (Europe, and also Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America and North America).



UEDFUn Esprit de Famille

Un Esprit de Famille is an association that brings together those who run a fund or family-based foundation and are bound by shared values and a desire to work together in order to: optimize their own practices by exchanging ideas on strategy, governance and organizational structure, and encourage the development of private philanthropy through communication and support.


CDRPClub du Rond-point

Mrs Délia Brémond, Co-Chair of our Fondation, is a member of this Club, which brings together several founders of French Family Foundations. The Club’s meetings are occasions for philanthropists to share experience and exchange ideas.


Partners – Current projects

Sustainable agriculture

AVSF (Agronomes et Vétérinaires Sans Frontières)
Care France
Care Danmark
Christian Aid
Concern Worldwide
Dan Church Aid
Louvain Cooperation

Sustainable fishing

Conservation International
Endangered Wildlife Trust
Peace Parks Foundation
Zoological Society of London

Biodiversity Conservation

Nature & Conservation International
Ocean Revolution
Rainforest Foundation (UK)
Wildlife Conservation Society

Sustainable technologies

The Nubian Vault Association (AVN)
Electriciens Sans Frontières

Humana People To People

People In Need

Partners – Current small projects

Conservation of threatened animal species

Bat Conservation International
Bring the Elephant Home
Charles Darwin Foundation
COIA – Centro de Observação e Investigação Ambiental
Excellent Development
Fondation Pandrillus – Limbe Wildlife Centre
Instituto Piagaçu
Man & Nature
Mar Alliance
Marine Megafauna Foundation
NTFP/Poh Kao
Projet Primates France
Snow Leopard Conservation Fdt
Spectacled Bear Conservation Society
The Shark Trust
Whale & Dolphin Conservation
Zoological Society of London

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