focus sectors

Our 4 focus sectors

Current situation

The situation is bleak. As a result of anthropogenic pressure from the prevailing patterns of production, the earth’s ecosystems and biosphere are collapsing. Climate change, soil erosion, depletion of fish stocks, loss of thousands of species, various types of pollution, climate migration … The impact of this major ecological disruption is being felt, first and foremost, by the world’s poorest communities and by the most vulnerable animal and plant species. All is interconnected, but not all is lost …

Four sectors of intervention

To help the world’s most disadvantaged populations, in places where the environment is most degraded or under the greatest threat, the Foundation has chosen four priority levers for action:

Sustainable agriculture

The Foundation supports initiatives that improve food security and lead to livelihood improvement as well as diversification for the local populations through a sustainable and environmentally friendly approach.

Sustainable fishing

The Foundation supports initiatives aimed at conserving fish stocks in the high risk areas through a community based approach (setting up protected areas, fighting illegal fishing, conservation...)

Biodiversity conservation

The Foundation supports initiatives aimed at protecting or rehabilitating land and marine ecosystems of particular interest, through and for the benefit of local communities. A special fund, focusing on conservation of endangered animal species, has also been created.

Sustainable technologies

The Foundation supports initiatives that enable access to renewable energy, sustainable construction and waste conversion.

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