2 October 2020

Interview with Madline Rubin, Director of ASPAS


In the last ten years, ASPAS has become a major player in the rewilding** of France. The Foundation recently met with ASPAS Director, Madline Rubin. And we immediately found ourselves plunged into the heart of the NGO’s wildlife reserves! Together, we discuss natural development, networks of reserves, and the fight to defend environmental law. ASPAS is 100% independent…and 100% mobilized to protect our ‘voiceless wildlife’! Ms Rubin talks of the need to ‘stand firm’. A measure of the NGO’s determination in the face of attempts to undermine its work…

**Rewilding: enabling certain areas to return to a ‘wild’ state, of course, but also sometimes reintroducing species that lived there before they were driven out by humans. To find out more, see also the ARTE documentary (in French) L’Europe à la conquête de la Biodiversité. (Trailer in English available here)

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