Interview with Madline Rubin (ASPAS), New projects endangered animal species

October 2020 

Dear Friends,

As a million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, the coronavirus crisis highlights the link between human health and the destruction of biodiversity. The work of NGOs like ASPAS (Association for the Protection of Wild Animals) is a reminder that we cannot protect endangered animal and plant species without protecting their environment. We must therefore go further than ever before, and broaden our scope of action.

That is why we asked Madline Rubin, director of ASPAS, in the video that follows, to discuss the initiatives ASPAS has launched in the last 40 years to protect nature’s ‘voiceless’ wildlife.

ASPAS’s wildlife reserves go much further than protecting natural spaces: the reintroduction of animal species enriches and rebalances the biodiversity that is essential to the existence of ecosystems where humans, too, have their place.

In the course of our discussions, the Foundation and ASPAS found numerous points in common. It is my hope that the Foundation’s commitment to endangered animal species, detailed in this issue of the Newsletter, will also be taken as a call for greater mobilization in support of all the animals on our planet, whose numbers, as I need not remind you, are declining dramatically, with dangerous consequences for humanity. And I hope that this publication will also be read as a homage to all those who are committed to protecting wildlife. Often at the risk of their own lives...

In 1624, John Donne wrote: ‘No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.’ We are all linked and bound together! As witnesses of the sixth mass extinction of species, we must stop the inexorable collapse of large swathes of biodiversity! Let’s make a firm commitment. And sign the Animal Referendum... Whether they be wild, farm, circus or laboratory animals, they are part of us all… And we must take care of them.

Jacqueline Délia Brémond 
Co-Founder / Co-Chair

* see the Living Planet Report 2020 recently published by the WWF

‘It’s vital that we protect our wild natural spaces.’

 Madline Rubin: Director of ASPAS
(Association for the Protection of Wild Animals)

In the last ten years, ASPAS has become a major player in rewilding** in France. The Foundation recently met with ASPAS Director, Madline Rubin. And we immediately found ourselves plunged into the heart of the NGO’s wildlife reserves! Together, we discuss natural development, networks of reserves, and the fight to defend environmental law. ASPAS is 100% independent...and 100% mobilized to protect our ‘voiceless wildlife’! Ms Rubin talks of the need to ‘stand firm’. A measure of the NGO’s determination in the face of attempts to undermine its work…

**Rewilding: enabling certain areas to return on its own to a ‘wild’ state, but also sometimes by reintroducing species that lived there before they were driven out by humans. To find out more, see also the ARTE documentary (in French) L’Europe à la conquête de la Biodiversité. (Trailer in English available here)

13 new supports towards endangered animal species

To find out more, click on the links below

  1. Research program on fisheries agreements. International. Bloom.
  2. Avoiding extinction of angel sharks in the Adriatic Sea.  Adriatic sea. Sharklab.
  3. Capacity building to conserve otters and wetlands in Guyana. Guyana. IOSF.
  4. Ensuring the sustainability of reintroduction of the Przewalski’s horse. Mongolia. TAKH.
  5. Improvement of the Chimpanzee Conservation Center’s intake capacity and of the rehabilitation process for orphaned chimpanzees. Guinea-Conakry. Projets Primates France.
  6. Support for a rehabilitation center for orphaned chimpanzees to be released into the wild. Democratic Republic of Congo. P-WAC.
  7. Awareness campaign: Parole de Lynx. France. Ferus.
  8. Reducing Human-Painted Dog Conflict in the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary through Sustainable Conservation efforts. Namibia. Naankuse Foundation.
  9. Tiger Ambassadors in the Ghodajhari Wildlife Sanctuary. India. Born Free Foundation.
  10. Protecting the endangered Red Panda through community involvement. Nepal. Red Panda Network.
  11. Rescue, rehabilitation, release and population monitoring of the endangered Cape Vulture. South Africa. VulPro NPC.
  12. Safeguarding the future of the large heath butterfly: Adapting farming practices to protect the butterfly’s natural habitat. France. Conservatoire botanique national de Franche-Comté.
  13. Conservation of the Critically Endangered mangrove finch (Camarhynchus heliobates) in the Galapagos Islands. Ecuador. Charles Darwin Foundation.

Let's sign the petition and get others to join us!

Stop cruelty to animals! More and more people are denouncing the abuse inflicted on animals. So let’s join those who are committed to this cause and are proposing concrete action. The Animal Referendum calls for six strong measures to promote animal welfare:

  1. Ban on cage farming
  2. Ban on fur farming
  3. End of intensive livestock farming
  4. Ban on hunting with hounds and hunting by flushing/digging out animals
  5. Ban on shows with wild animals
  6. End of animal testing

Sign here

The Foundation has become a signatory of 
the ‘RISE UP - A Blue Call to Action’ initiative

The oceans, which cover over 70% of our blue planet, regulate both the climate and the water cycle that sustain life on Earth. They are also a source of food, employment, recreation and wonder for humanity...

The Foundation is joining Oak Foundation, the Oceano Azul Foundation and Ocean Unite, among other organizations and foundations across the world, in the RISE UP – A Blue Call to Action initiative. This petition calls on political leaders to take bold action to safeguard the oceans by means of clear goals and a specific timeline for action.

In 2017, Fondation Ensemble invested in a fund managed by the asset management firm Impact Finance. This Impact Finance Fund is mainly focused on investing in sustainable agriculture in Latin America.

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The Foundation wishes to thank its partners for the photographic material included in this issue. 
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