Programme Fund

Basic criteria

  • Your project corresponds to the Foundation’s mission: it is driven by the demands and needs of the local populations. It aims to bring concrete and sustainable improvements to the target communities’ living conditions (social and economic impacts, except for rewilding projects within the Biodiversity Conservation sector) while protecting and/or rehabilitating the environment (environmental impacts).
  • The project activities come within the Foundation’s focus sectors: Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Fishing, Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Technologies.
  • The project activities are implemented, for all sectors, in Peru, Ecuador, Laos and Myanmar.
    Mozambique is only eligible for Sustainable Fishing projects implemented in Southern Mozambique.
    European countries are only eligible for rewilding projects, within the Biodiversity Conservation sector.
    Madagascar is only eligible for its coastal areas and for Marine Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Fishing projects.
    The Foundation no longer funds projects in Cambodia.
  • The duration of the grant requested from the Foundation is from two to four years.
  • The funding requested is approximately € 50 000 per year, maximum.
  • The funding requested does not exceed 50% of the total project budget.
  • The proposed implementation areas will have to be accessible for visits by Fondation Ensemble’s staff.
  • Mid-term and final evaluations will have to be budgeted and carried out.
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