15 January 2021

Mozambique – An excellent news for marine biodiversity

Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF), supported by Fondation Ensemble, just announced that Mozambique has passed a law aiming to protect various endangered marine species. Whalesharks, manta-rays as well as mobulas are targeted among other species.

Researches led by the NGO showed the importance of mozambican coast for whale sharks. Human pressures, such as accidental catch in gillnets, halved their global population since the 1980s. In 2013, the NGO reported a 79% decline in whale shark sightings and an 88% decline in reef manta sightings, and these trends continue. Simultaneously, a study led by the NGO showed the economic importance of manta rays and other megafauna to the Mozambican tourism industry: $34 million USD per year of direct economic impact of manta ray tourism, and a projected yearly loss of $16-$25 million USD if Mozambique were to lose manta rays.

In addition to the protection granted to mantas, mobulas, and whale sharks, the law also includes the following new regulations:

  • Fishers must land the full body of any shark caught with fins attached
  • New clearer regulations for Community Fishing Councils
  • A ban on destructive fishing practices on coral, seagrass, or mangroves
  • A ban on the harvesting of live coral
  • Bycatch must be thrown back unless you have prior written permission to use it for research
  • Turtle excluder devices are mandated on industrial and semi-industrial nets

Fondation Ensemble supports various sustainable fishing projects in Mozambique (including the one implemented by MMF):



For the full press release click here.

Image © Anna Flam – Marine Megafauna Foundation

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