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This year, our annual call for projects is enhanced by one special sector in particular. Its goal is consistent with that of our foundation – to protect life in all its forms – since it involves letting an area return to its natural state, without any human intervention. This is often referred to as rewilding, as some deer, cattle or big predators may be reintroduced to help restore the area’s original balance.

Enabling biodiversity that has been badly damaged to be brought back to life… In his book ‘Raviver les braises du vivant’ [Rekindling the Embers of the Living], field philosopher Baptiste Morizot calls on us to rethink how we, humans, use the spaces we have appropriated, most often to the detriment of all other non human beings. To the detriment of our own existence too, as we know by now, since we are all connected to one another. The dark period we are currently living through is a sadly testament to this. We ought to read this book, and also listen to the words of Sabrina Krief, who studied the phenomenon of self-medication among the great apes and alerts us to the question of their future. Under the embers, the fire of life is still smoldering; we humans can rekindle this fire on a planet where we, too, have our place as long as we act with respect for lives other than our own.

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Six new projects selected in 2021 are now presented on the Foundation’s website

Chosen by the Foundation’s Project Selection Committee, after consultation with the Board of Experts, these six projects will be regularly monitored, including in the field (mid-term and final evaluations, with field visits carried out by the Foundation team, public health situation permitting).

To access each project factsheet, click on the corresponding picture:

These six new projects represent a financial commitment of € 955,000 in Foundation co-funding, for total budgets of € 2.6 million, i.e. 270% leverage.

Since 2004, the Foundation has supported 348 projects and small grants projects with a commitment of € 27.5 million. To access an overview of all projects supported, click here.


 In Uganda, Sabrina Krief’s commitment
to harmonious co-existence

In this video, primatologist Sabrina Krief describes the work she is carrying out in Uganda to restore harmony between great apes, humans and the forest. ‘By observing behavior and biodiversity patterns, we can see the effects of farming on the neighboring areas’ (...). She concludes:  ‘Solutions exist that can be positive not only at the local level but also for the planet as a whole. We are in the process of identifying these.’

The Foundation is a long-time partner of Sabrina Krief and the French National Museum of Natural History in this target area in Uganda.

Find out more about the previously funded project


Mozambique - Excellent news for marine biodiversity

Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF), supported by Fondation Ensemble, has just announced the passing of a law in Mozambique to protect further endangered marine species such as whale sharks, manta rays and mobula rays.

Find out more about the law’s provisions and the sustainable fishing projects supported by the Foundation here.

Fondation Ensemble has signed the manifesto launched by the Coalition Française des Fondations pour le Climat (French Coalition of Foundations for the Climate)

Picture by  Andrea Spallanzani / Pixabay

The French Coalition of Foundations for the Climate (CFFC) was launched on 18 November 2020 on the initiative of the French Foundation Center to encourage greater involvement by foundations and endowment funds in the fight against the causes and effects of climate change.

In line with its core values and strategic orientations, Fondation Ensemble was among the first foundations to join this initiative and sign the manifesto (English version available here).

Find out more here

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