Endangered animal species

Conservation of three endangered bird species in the Private Conservation Area of “Abra Malaga Thastayoc Royal Cinclodes”

Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant (Anairetes alpinus)

This project aims to protect and restore the habitat of two endangered and one critically endangered bird species in the Private Conservation Area (PCA) Abra Malaga (near Cusco, Peru).

Human interference has caused habitat loss in this area, and ECOAN is working with local community members to educate them on the importance of environmental conservation, reforest native Polylepis trees, and explore the best way to accommodate tourist activities in the area while protecting these lands.

Over the duration of the grant, ECOAN will continue to conserve and restore the habitat of these endangered bird species in the PCA. They will carry on reforestation work through the planting of polylepis pepei seedlings and strengthen sustainable management of the conservation area through community educational workshops. The NGO will also conduct one research and evaluation trip to monitor the current situation of the three species. They will conduct a workshop with the 40 families of the community to futher involve them in conservation and sustainability work with the PCA through the eco-tourism and textile crafts. Finally, they will conduct a reforestation campaign to produce 10,000 seedlings of polylepis pepei in a communal nursery and plant them during the month of January 2018 when they will have the best opportunity to grow, reforesting 6.25 hectares in total.

Final summary report:

During the implementation of the project, 3 main themes were developed by ECOAN:

  • 10,000 polylepis seedlings were planted during a festival gathering 40 families. Thus, 4 hectares have been replanted providing a habitat for the birds.
  • A two-days’ workshop was conducted with 40 members of the local community to sensitize people to the sustainable management of the zone, ecological services offered by healthy forests, sustainable tourism and organization enforcement.
  • Study missions have also been led by the NGO teams to find out more on the 3 target species. 30 White-browed Tit-Spinetail, 26 Ash-breasted Tit-Tyrant, 14 Royal Cinclodes have been observed showing a slight increase of the latest. The observations of the two other species are the first and will serve as a baseline for future evaluations.

Fondation Ensemble contributes to this project for a second time in 2019:

A second research and evaluation trip to monitor the situation of the three targeted species, especially the juveniles, will be conducted. A second workshop, with the members of the community, will be held as well. It will focus on marketing and tourism to ensure sustainable management of the zone. Finally, 10,000 seedlings of polylepis pepei will be produced to reforest 4 hectares in January 2020.

Final summary report:

During the implementation of the project, various study trips with bird counting were held in the area, including in the reforested parts. The population of the three species seems to be constant. A workshop with 40 families on tourism and marketing, to sustainably manage visits in the zone, was held. Tour operators, including some specialized in ornithology, participated. Sanitary protocols for the next trips were explained. Finally, more than 15,000 seedlings, bought from the communities, were planted, enabling to reforest more than 6 hectares. The zone was also fenced.

The NGO aims now to continue its restauration activities, including the creation of a nursery, and workshops with communities to increase their incomes.

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