20 November 2015

Fondation Ensemble is a signatory to the call for a World Forum on Access To Land

This manifesto insists on the need to organise a world forum dedicated to land and natural ressources access in the presence of various social and public stakeholders. This forum would follow the World Forum on Agrarian Reform, held in 2004 in Spain, and the Conference on Agrarian Reform and Rural Development, held in 2006 in Porto Alegre.

Indeed, ten years after the previous symposiums, the situation tastes bitter : malnutrition, mass unemployment, climate change, … go on. Our planet will soon have to assume needs for food of 9 billion humans taking in account at the same time the « common good » notion, so that each person can have an equitable access to the various natural ressources, respecting public interest. Thus, it is necessary to review again questions on land and productive resources access.

To find out more and sign this call, click here.

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