20 March 2015

Luciano Adamo shares his experience,
within the “Entrepreneurial Biodiversity Conservation” program

Head Instructor, Village Talks leader, Bitonga Divers Vice-President :

“I started working with Ocean Revolution/Bitonga Divers in 2010. At that time I had a job, but when Bitonga Divers knocked on my door, inviting me to start the diving training, I left all behind and went for it. Something very interesting is that I was born in Tofo but I didn’t know how to swim.

But Bitonga Divers did everything they could teach me from swimming to diving. I’m an instructor now, thanks to Bitonga Divers /Ocean Revolution, I can now teach other Mozambicans how to dive. There are a lot of things Bitonga Divers brought to us. Maybe at that time I didn’t know I was able to, or had brains to do the things I do now. With the opportunity Bitonga Divers gave me, I discovered I can do anything I want to do.

A lot of things have changed because of Bitonga Divers/Ocean Revolution. First when I told my family that I’m starting a diving training, they didn’t agree with me. They called me crazy. But, that was my decision and nothing could stop me. There are benefits from the job I have now. I make more money making it easer, not only for me, for my family too, I support a big number of my family members. I would like for Bitonga Divers/Ocean Revolution to continue doing what they do, keep opening doors for people that really need it, keep giving opportunity to Mozambicans.

What I can say is that I couldn’t talk to anybody before because I had nothing to say. Even if I did, I had no opportunity to say something to anybody. But, today is different. Today I have a voice to speak up my mind to the world. I would like for Bitonga Divers to take care of each other and work together. That way we can make our country grow and make a big change for a better country.”

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