Who are we?

Presentation of the Foundation

Fondation Ensemble is a private, state-approved Foundation, set up in 2004 by Gérard Brémond and his wife, Jacqueline Délia Brémond.

Everything is connected… together (ensemble).

All the elements in the chain of life are interconnected. The greatest poverty is always found in areas where environmental problems are greatest. But if we treat the earth with respect, following sustainable farming practices, the land comes back to life and nourishes us once again.

If we follow sustainable fishing practices, stocks depleted by overfishing can be rebuilt, not only for the benefit of local populations but also in our own interests and those of future generations. Everything is interconnected – resources and ecosystems.

Preserving our forests means keeping thousands of interdependent plant and animal species alive, enabling scientific progress to be made and ensuring food security for many communities. It also means combating soil erosion, reducing greenhouse gases and tackling climate change.

The resilience of land and marine ecosystems is astonishing. When biodiversity is preserved, the natural balance of an ecosystem is gradually restored. And the conclusion is clear: it is by supporting local communities in their everyday trials and tribulations that the most effective and long-lasting solutions are to be found. Thinking globally means acting locally. Everything is interconnected.

Nature teaches us to make connections. Together, these connections shape the Foundation’s mission throughout the world; they are the common denominator of all the initiatives we support through our four focus sectors:

Sustainable agriculture
Sustainable fishing
Land and marine biodiversity conservation
Sustainable technologies

All together …

Since it was established in 2004, the Foundation has given a central role to the sharing of experience.

Our Board of Experts, made up of 34 volunteer professionals, is at the heart of our organization. Every year, during the selection process, they give their recommendations on all the projects submitted, and their guidance often extends to the field during the monitoring stage.

On the Foundation’s website, technical fact sheets and experience notes on the projects we support, our annual reports, our newsletters and a the news section are regularly updated and available for download.

Finally, the Foundation is a member of various international networks for the exchange of expertise and experience.

The more we share our experience and our know-how, the better we can tailor our responses and the more capable we will be of mobilizing our energies together. Everything is interconnected.

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