17 November 2017

Special call for proposal
Sustainable management of artisanal fisheries along the coast of Mozambique (Phase 2)

Fondation Ensemble is launching a Special Call for Proposal on ‘Sustainable management of artisanal fisheries along the coast of Mozambique’ (Phase 2).

Following a previous previous call on the same theme, launched in December 2014, 3 projects have been funded.

We aim now, within this 2nd phase (2018-2021), to strengthen, replicate and scale up the geographical scope of the interventions and the policy work.

In order to achieve this, Fondation Ensemble wishes to work further with current and new partners who, based on field work and experience, are addressing or aim to address these challenges, with the ambition to pave the way to country wide approaches.

We also aim to have a global evaluation of the initiative, and improve the synergies among the selected project partners, leading to a common learning, capitalization and advocacy dynamic.

Therefore, this initiative has 3 distinct but interrelated components for which 3 different calls are published:

  • Projects to address sustainability of artisanal fisheries with several priority objectives and through different approaches, as described in the Special Call for Proposal, available both in English and in Portuguese (deadline for submitting the concept note is February the 2nd, 2018);
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