28 April 2016

Spreading the word about the Foundation’s philanthropic mission

On the occasion of the publication of a new study conducted by the Observatoire de la Fondation de France, Mrs. Jacqueline Délia Brémond was invited to speak in Bordeaux, on 28 April 2016, about her commitment to philanthropy. (Read her whole speech here – in French)

In France, the philanthropic sector comprises 2 213 foundations active at the end of 2014 and 1800 endowment funds – a total of almost 24 billion euros. But what is the distribution of  philanthropists across the country? When it comes to philanthropy, are all Regions and Departments on an equal footing? This study highlights social, economic, historical and cultural determinants and assesses the philanthropic potential of each part of the country. It offers a mine of information on the roots and the vitality of generosity in France.

The study is available here (in French).

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