JUNE 2020

Dear Friends,

We have a choice: either we follow the flow of current events, the constant stream of bad news, and end up being overcome by a sense of fatalism. Or, as Hubert Reeves suggests, we can analyze the major crisis we are facing in the light of history... and find opportunities for radical change. Unbridled optimism? “After 1945”, Dr. Reeves reminds us, “women’s rights advanced. We can imagine that in the current context, too, a new focus on rights will emerge”. And the astrophysicist calls for a ‘green awakening’ so that the Earth quite simply remains… habitable.

The task will be arduous but not impossible,  as long as we tackle it together? The Foundation’s Annual Report, which you can read in this issue, embraces a firmly optimistic and constructive vision, presenting numerous examples of worthy initiatives, vehicles of measurable and lasting change on both a small and a larger scale. We should listen to the invaluable testimony of ARM and ICU project beneficiaries; they talk of viable solutions and the solidarity, safety, and peace of mind they have regained.

We must listen to them! And to Hubert Reeves! And to all those who are committed to protecting our precious planet and its most disadvantaged citizens. They are unquestionably the best antidote to fatalism. We must do our utmost to support them! And, all together, share in an optimism that give rise to action!

We will be in touch again very soon.

Jacqueline Délia Brémond
Co-Founder / Co-Chair

 In 2019, the Foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary

Discover the highlights of the year in our 2019 Annual Report. “Recent events show on a daily basis the extent to which all countries in all corners of the world, all our ecosystems and biodiversity are closely interconnected. This is the very basis for the Foundation’s work, which we will continue to implement wherever we can act consistently and efficiently, focusing on concrete projects with measurable and sustainable results...”  

Read more and access the Annual Report here

“Above all, it’s a great joy!
This support came just at the right time ...”

Better marketing, technical support, local weather information, financial support... Since November 2017, the Foundation has been supporting 250 farmers in the region of Cuzco (Peru) through a partnership with ICU (Istituto per la Cooperazione Universitaria onlus). Established as a cooperative, thanks to the technical support on the ground from APRODES (Asociacion Peruana para la Promocion del Desarrollo Sostenible), the farmers are working together to negotiate better prices from intermediaries and to develop sustainable production of quinoa, tarwi and vegetables. “Above all, it’s a great joy. This support came just at the right time to safeguard our produce”, explains Daniel Villa Rosas, one of the project beneficiaries… 

Check out the video here.

Find out more about this project here.

The Foundation is supporting the Fairmined label:
Promoting social and environmental responsibility in artisanal and small-scale mining

At the global level, artisanal and small-scale mining organizations (ASMOs) have a major social, environmental and economic impact. Fairmined is a certification system that ensures the gradual adoption by ASMOS of better social and environmental practices and guarantees greater access to the formal market. In 2020, nine miners’ organizations are Fairmined certified (four in Peru, three in Colombia and two in Mongolia). Since 2011, USD 5 million in Fairmined Premiums have been generated for the benefit of artisanal miners, their organizations and mining communities. Not only has there been up to a 70% reduction in the use of mercury but some mining organizations have completely eliminated it from the extraction process. Imagine the human and environmental impact if a majority of ASMOs were to obtain Fairmined certification in the future…

Access the video and technical fact sheet:

Editor-in-chief: O. Braunsteffer

Graphic design and text: B. Galliot, B. Gicquaud

The Foundation wishes to thank its partners for the photographic material included in this issue.

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