APRIL 2018

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Sadly, as everyone knows, high-level efforts required from States to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius are already inadequate to meet the current human and environmental challenges we are facing. By the end of this century, millions of people will be forced to migrate. Almost half of all known species are threatened with extinction.... All this is happening before our very eyes. It’s a great tragedy.

Disheartened at times by events that seem overwhelming, we risk succumbing to pessimism. But that would mean forgetting that part of the solution is in our hands; that not everything is decided from 'the Top'. We are one of the links in a chain, which extends from each individual’s commitment to lasting change for us all. We are all connected. Raising our awareness and adapting our behavior is therefore essential.

Climate injustice is directly undermining the food security of those in greatest need, as Aurélie Ceinos, Climate Change Advisor at CARE reminds us in this issue. Her account shows us that climate adaptation strategies can be implemented with very encouraging results. This too is achieved ‘link by link’, from the highest level obviously, but also right down to the field, when expertise, experience and solidarity fundamentally converge.

I remember the image the GoodPlanet Foundation presented us with during the recent flooding of the Seine in Paris: the statue of the Zouave on the Pont de l’Alma wearing a life jacket. A symbol that can transcend our borders to remind us that we are not all equally well equipped when it comes to climate change. There is no time to lose! We have more than just our feet in the water...

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Jacqueline Délia Brémond


“In tackling climate injustice, there are no small actions. Every single one counts.”

Aurélie Ceinos is Climate Change Advisor for the NGO CARE. Through its work in over 90 countries, CARE provides support for the most vulnerable population groups. Storms, floods, rising sea levels and higher temperatures all raise the issue of food security for millions of people worldwide. In this interview, she describes the mechanisms that are currently in place and brings us face to face with climate injustice and the need for solidarity.

'It is estimated that 1.4 billion people will suffer from hunger by 2080... Have we already lost the battle against climate change?
This estimate alerts us to the scale of what is happening. Natural disasters are occurring at an increasing rate.  Rising sea levels, heat waves and rainfall variability are endangering our long-term livelihoods. If we fail to act …'

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Since 2004, Fondation Ensemble has supported 292 initiatives with 5.5 million beneficiaries. A total of € 23.4 million has been committed through 215 operational partnerships. Access  the historical map of the projects supported since the Foundation was set up or run a search to access all the project factsheets.


A new video from WorldFish in Cambodia

Discover the strenuous efforts being made by local communities to preserve the ecosystems of the Stung Treng Ramsar site on the Mekong River. The Foundation is supporting the work of 15 community fisheries that manage 5 fish conservation areas.

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Testimony of Vicheka, a farmer taking part in the CARE project in Cambodia

Vicheka, 27 years old, lives in the village of Norn Hai in Ratanak Kiri Province, a remote region in the far north-east of Cambodia that borders Laos and Vietnam. Vicheka is Tampoun, an ethnic minority with a culture and language that differ from Khmer, the majority ethnic group of Cambodia. The remoteness and the cultural and linguistic barriers faced by ethnic minorities hinder their access to reliable weather forecasts and modern technology that would enable them to respond to the changing weather conditions that have become more frequent in Cambodia in recent years.

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