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Every September, the Foundation brings together the volunteer members of its Board of Experts to thank them for their invaluable support and to encourage further sharing of experiences. This year, on 21 September, Thierry Huau, landscape architect, urban planner and ethnobotanist, was invited to present Villages Nature, a tourist site that pioneers environmental integration. A passionate, visionary approach that not only combines tourism and urban planning, but also creativity and biodiversity.

It is biodiversity – a theme close to our hearts at the Foundation – that once more takes pride of place in this Newsletter. Nineteen new initiatives have been selected this year within the special ‘threatened animal species’ small projects fund. That brings the number of species supported by the Foundation since its creation to 74 throughout the world.

For, as we know, the sixth mass extinction of animal species is now underway. And yet, at their own level, the outcomes of some of the small projects we support show that well thought-out and properly implemented local action can make a real difference on the ground. Find out about these initiatives on the Foundation’s website by consulting our project factsheets on animal biodiversity conservation. Above all, more and more of us need to act together whenever we can and wherever we are.

Biodiversity is a precious possession that requires mobilization from us all if it is to be conserved. Testimonies from beneficiaries published regularly in our Newsletter encourages us in our efforts. But let us not forget that we also have to be ready to act when major issues are at stake, with potentially irreversible consequences. For example, the alliance "against nature" between Monsanto and Bayer. If we don’t want agrochemistry in all our fields and in our food, then we need to act ...

We hope you enjoy this issue of our Newsletter.

Jacqueline Délia Brémond
Co-Founder / Co-Chair



Welcome in what tomorrow's eco-city might look like

On 21 September 2016, Fondation Ensemble invited the members of its Board of Experts to accompany Thierry Huau, landscape architect, urban planner and ethnobotanist, on a visit to Villages Nature, a ground-breaking ecotourism site in the Paris region. This development, located on a large geothermal aquifer, is classified as being of 'public interest’. The site visit began with a presentation by Mr. Gérard Brémond, the Foundation’s Chair. Run in partnership with One Planet Living*, Villages Nature aims to show how tourist development can be harmoniously reconciled with respect for the environment, human well-being and biodiversity conservation. Let’s follow our guide ...



Find out more about our 19 new small projects supporting ‘threatened animal species’

To sponsor one of our small ‘threatened animal species’ projects, click here.



Testimony of Mrs. Bom, market gardener from the village of Mokkha, within the Agrisud project in Laos

"I’m very interested in new farming techniques. In the past, I had to buy my vegetables but now I produce them myself. I even sell the surplus."

Read the full story here.
Click here for an overview of the Agrisud project.
Consult all the Sustainable Agriculture projects here.

Fondation Ensemble at the Convergences forum in Paris

Fondation Ensemble at the Convergences forum in Paris

Jacqueline Délia Brémond, Fondation Ensemble co-chair, intervened on September 6th, in a roundtable organized in the context of the Convergences forum, on “Globalized economy: Towards a globalized philanthropy?”. Read more.

Fondation Ensemble supports the Foundations day

Fondation Ensemble supports the Foundations day

The French Foundation Center (Centre Français des Fonds et Fondations), in collaboration with DAFNE (Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe), organizes on 1st October, and for the whole month, the second edition of the Foundations day.

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Acquisition of the US company Monsanto by the German group Bayer...


The Foundation supports the open letter by Atabula against the invasion of the food chain by the agrochemical industry

"This Open Letter against the invasion of agrochemistry in our plates is a call for responsibility and collective consciousness. Significant challenges facing our food are happening now. No, nature’s diversity and the quality of our food should not pass under the oppressive steamroller of the Bayer-Monsanto group."

To find out more about this initiative and sign the Open Letter, click here.


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