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There was euphoria among the delegations as the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) ended, and yet the agreement reached was immediately criticized. Admittedly, it is not perfect; there are omissions, particularly as far as carbon pricing is concerned, but let that not deny our joy at seeing, for the first time, 196 countries all working together in order to find solutions to climate change.

This agreement lays the basis - now it is time to act. One of the things we can do, not only as a foundation but also as individuals, is to join the Divest-Invest movement. And that is what Fondation Ensemble has done (see the spotlight below).

The Paris Climate Conference also encourages foundations to reflect on their responsibility to civil society as it is confronted with climate change. A responsibility that goes well beyond financial support. Civil society, too, must make a commitment; it is the responsibility of all citizens to think hard about their way of life and consumption habits. And with a possible decline in the use of fossil fuels, this may mark the beginning of a new form of industrialization.

As for Fondation Ensemble, we will persevere in the actions we undertake in our focus sectors: sustainable fishing, agroecology and forestry, low-cost renewable energies, terrestrial and marine biodiversity conservation, with animal species struggling to survive … Solutions exist. Locally, new patterns of solidarity are needed to accompany larger-scale solutions: this is the spirit of the new call for proposals, now available on our website. And it is also reflected in the emergence of new co-funding and partnership systems to which our Foundation is committed. It is important to encourage the regular sharing of experience among all development stakeholders.

In short, we need to be concrete and pragmatic - that is our Foundation's mission, while maintaining a holistic vision, for we can see on a daily basis how everything is linked … together.

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Jacqueline Délia Brémond


Fondation Ensemble has joined the Divest-Invest movement

To limit global warming to two degrees, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% and leave a third of known oil reserves, half of the world's gas reserves and over 80% of its coal reserves in the ground. The Divest-Invest campaign (divest from fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy) is calling on all institutions (foundations, cities, pension funds, insurance companies) and individual investors to change their investments accordingly …

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‘We must immediately divest from fossil fuels and create a critical mass.’
Read the article in les Echos on Jacqueline Délia Brémond's presentation here.

Les Echos – 4 December 2015
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Within the context of the Paris Climate Conference, Fondation Ensemble jointly organized, on December 9th, a conference on ‘Climate and Food’.

This conference was part of the Foundations and Climate Group program, coordinated by the 'Centre Français des Fonds et Fondations' (French Foundation Center). The speakers discussed the issue of sustainable food systems in the context of climate change, highlighting the role that can be played by foundations.

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Fondation Ensemble signs the call for a World Forum on Access to Land

This call was launched to civil society organizations and government institutions for a World Forum on access to land and natural resources to be held in 2016, not forgetting the importance of serving the common interest …

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Fondation Ensemble embarks on 7 new partnerships in 2015

To find out more about these projects, click below to access the project factsheets.


• AGRISUD / LAOS : Forestry and Agroecology in the mountains of northern Laos


• ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON / MOZAMBIQUE: Conservation of marine biodiversity through the establishment of sustainably financed and locally managed marine protected areas. You can also see a video here.

• PEACE PARKS FOUNDATION / MOZAMBIQUE: Developing sustainable fishing and alternative livelihoods for communities living adjacent to the Ponta do Ouro Marine Reserve

• WORLDFISH / CAMBODIA: Empowering community management of fish conservation zones in the Stung Treng Ramsar protected wetlands

• CONSERVATION INTERNATIONAL / ECUADOR: Conserving the mangrove ecosystems in the Gulf of Guayaquil, ensuring income generation


• WILDLIFE CONSERVATION SOCIETY / CAMBODIA: Empowering rice farmers to manage a threatened floodplain ecosystem


• ELECTRICIANS WITHOUT BORDERS / LAOS: Electrification models for isolated villages in northern Laos

In 11 years, Fondation Ensemble has supported 240 projects throughout the world for a total of € 21,5 million.
Discover all the projects funded by the Foundation here.


Can rice fields generate new fish stocks?

To help families maintain their food security, teams from Conservation International, in close collaboration with the communities of Tonle Sap in Cambodia, have demonstrated the value of combining sustainable fisheries with rice production.

Click here to access the factsheet to check details of the techniques used and initial results. You will also be able to browse all our technical factsheets.


Fondation Ensemble is launching two calls for proposals

The first call for proposals is this year encouraging large-scale initiatives that make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change. All four of the Foundation's focus sectors are covered: sustainable fishing, sustainable agriculture, marine and terrestrial biodiversity conservation (including fauna) and sustainable technologies.

The second call for proposals concerns 'Threatened Animal Species' small projects (€ 10,000 maximum grant).

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