Dear Readers,

We have a rendezvous to keep.

A rendezvous with our planet, with the climate and the urgent need to tackle climate change: in 2015, 19.2 million people were displaced by natural disasters compared with the 8.6 million, less than half that number, forced to flee because of conflict or war. And let's not forget the sixth mass extinction of species now underway. There is no escaping our responsibility.

After the UN Climate Change Conference, one 'special day' follows another: May 22, International Biodiversity Day; May 30, Sustainable Development Week; October 17, International Day for the Eradication of Poverty; and on December 8, World Climate Day. Let's hope that these events bring about a real change in mentalities, in France and elsewhere, that the economic and financial stakeholders commit themselves, and that this leads to action…

For our rendezvous is with the here and now. With those who take action and challenge the prevailing paradigms, who combine creativity, courage and pugnacity. They are here among us, part of civil society, working closely on priorities. We at the Foundation meet them regularly on the ground, as you will see from some of the examples given in our 2015 Annual Report, which has just been published.
Together, we also have a rendezvous with solidarity. By that, I mean with all those who share an awareness of the issues at stake and devote part of their assets to philanthropy. Who are these people? Where are they? And what is their motivation? Two studies that have recently come out, on philanthropy in France (Fondation de France) and in the world as a whole (Forbes/BNP Paribas Index), shed valuable light on their profiles and spheres of interest. Alas, as is always the case everywhere, the environment sector - despite its key importance - remains the poor relation of the world's wealthiest people!

When the two reports were published, I was invited to talk about my philanthropic engagement and explain the work of the Foundation. Presentations like this are not central to my mission but they do contribute to it. Over and above my daily investment in the Foundation's work, it is also a real pleasure to share the joy it brings me.

Jacqueline Délia Brémond



Fondation Ensemble's Annual Report has just been published

Find out about the highlights of the past year, the projects we fund, the key figures, our governance, our partners and all the men and women who carry out and support our mission...

Download the Annual Report here


Spreading the word about the Foundation's philanthropic mission

Two studies on philanthropy in France and at the international level have just been published. Last April 6 and April 28, Jacqueline Délia Brémond was invited to speak about her philanthropic engagement.

The philanthropic sector is worth almost $200 billion worldwide: $54.6 billion in the USA, $51.7 billion in Europe, $49.7 billion in Asia and $42.8 billion in the Middle East. But who are today's philanthropists? The global-level study conducted by Forbes/BNP Paribas profiles today's philanthropists and provides information on their motivation.

The Observatoire de la Fondation de France has chosen to analyze the philanthropic potential of France's departments and regions, looking at their social, economic, historical and cultural disparities.

Find out more about the Forbes/BNP Paribas Index  and the study by the Observatoire de la Fondation de France (in French).


Fondation Ensemble signs an open letter to the chairs of the world's largest fossil fuel companies

You can read the open letter from the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts here, co-signed by 77 NGOs and foundations, including Fondation Ensemble. The letter urges the chairs of the world's largest fossil fuel companies not only to express their support for the Paris Agreement but also to put it at the heart of their business' plans for the future.

"Dear Mr  Svanberg, Mr Watson, Ms Marcegaglia, Mr Tillerson, Mr Holliday, Mr Loseth and Mr Pouyanné,
Last Friday, nations of the world signed the agreement reached in Paris to limit climate change to well below 2°C, and achieve net zero emissions by the second half of this century...

Read more here


The Foundation is committed to helping communities in the Andes conserve the páramos that support their livelihoods

The communities of Tupigachi and Tabacundo in Pedro Moncayo canton live in mountainous areas that are ecosystems (páramos) of vital importance to the country as a whole in terms of water and ecology. From now until 2019, the Foundation is supporting a project to combat the impacts of climate change and promote sustainable agriculture. The CARE project teams plan to set up a participatory technical assistance scheme for small producers, based on best practices for sustainable agriculture, as well as a protected natural area that includes the Mojanda lake system.

Click here for the project factsheet

Find all the projects we support here


'We're very happy because we've learned to be producers that promote herb diversity. And we're competitive on the market.'

Find out how 1 470 families in the north of Peru are managing to improve their living conditions. The Burgos brothers, beneficiaries of the Louvain Coopération project, talk about their experience. They explain how they became producers of organic herbs and share their plans and ambitions for the wider community.

Read the testimony of the Burgos brothers here.
Click here for the project factsheet.

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