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Urgent action is needed…

An urgent need, of course, to reach agreement at the highest level on our global objectives and on a  joint road map. We are all well aware of the challenges facing the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 21) to be held in Paris at the end of this year. But let us not forget the considerable human and environmental implications of the destruction of animal and plant biodiversity.

An urgent need to bring participatory projects to the most disadvantaged, projects that have been well prepared by the implementing partners and which transform their beneficiaries' daily lives, as shown by the testimony of Luciano Adamo (cf. the Ocean Revolution project the Foundation is supporting in Mozambique).

An urgent need simply to 'do our part', with one of the outcomes, ten years after the Foundation was set up, being the award of the 2014 International Philanthropy 'Oscar' from the Admical network. Today, the Foundation's visibility has increased, enhancing its appeal. This year, our Board of Experts has welcomed its 35th volunteer member (cf. the 2014 Annual Report, just published on our website). What an honor it is for us to have these talented men and women choosing to join us and contribute their expertise to our projects!

There is also an urgent need for us all to forge links with one another, to work together. Too many initiatives come to nothing because of lack of support. Fondation Ensemble, a state-approved foundation, welcomes with open arms all those who, like the influential Oak Foundation, share our values and wish to co-fund projects with us in full confidence. And note that we provide our co-funding partners with free access to all our selection and monitoring tools, and to a proven and effective methodology.

There is no doubt that together, we can go further still…

Enjoy our Newsletter.

Jacqueline Délia Brémond

Fondation Ensemble's 2014 Annual Report has just been published.

It marks the end of an eventful year for the Foundation:

• The tenth anniversary of its founding in December.

• The International Philanthropy 'Oscar' from the Admical network, and the Foundation quoted by Youphil as one of the ten most important French philanthropists.

• A new strategic partnership with Oak Foundation

• A new website.

• A refocusing on five core countries and four focus sectors.

• A board of 35 volunteer experts.

Check out the annual report here.

The Foundation is seeking new funding partnerships

After 215 projects supported in ten years, 2 170 000 hectares of forest protected,
over 5 million beneficiaries and € 20 million of funds committed, the Foundation
is determined to go even further. It is seeking financial support for its projects from new investors, and providing them with access to all its selection and monitoring tools free of charge…

Listen to the rest of the interview with Jacqueline Délia Brémond (in French)

'I was born in Tofo and I couldn't swim.'

Discover the remarkable story of Luciano Adamo, who is now a head diving instructor. He takes us on a journey to the small coastal town of Tofo in the province of Inhambane. We are in Mozambique, considered one of the world's biodiversity hotspots and one of the poorest countries on the planet.

Since 2013, the Foundation has been supporting Ocean Revolution's ' Entrepreneurial Biodiversity Conservation' project, which it has visited several times. White sandy beaches and dive centers attract numerous tourists, who come to admire the exceptional coral reefs and the world's largest permanent populations of whale sharks and manta rays… But what are the economic benefits for local communities, where almost half of the formal employment comes from tourism (45%)? What about the conservation of these exceptional natural resources, now under pressure? This partnership aims to launch initiatives that will gradually enable the coastal population to become integrated into existing economic operations or to set up their own businesses. Like Luciano Adamo…

See the highlights of this project…

Five new project fact sheets to consult.

The Foundation's website offers a wealth of information on the projects we support, both ongoing and completed.

Browse the five fact sheets directly here, or explore all the project information available on the Foundation's website, using the search engine. You can select the focus sector, countries and partner organizations that interest you. If the project is completed, you will have direct access to the corresponding experience notes.

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