General presentation  of our Intervention sectors

The Foundation participates in sustainable development programmes in the four sectors below. Combating poverty and protecting the environment are basic cross-cutting themes, common to all the initiatives we support. Capacity building, local community involvement, partnerships, training, improved governance, entrepreneurial approach, gender awareness and climate change adaptation are key components of the integrated projects we support.
The Foundation also encourages multiple-benefit approaches which aim to have several impacts : social, environmental, economic, etc.

Here are some examples of areas of activity in the sectors financed by Fondation Ensemble :

Sustainable Agriculture and fishing
Organic agriculture, conservation agriculture, agroforestry, anti-erosion techniques, sustainable irrigation, fight against desertification, promotion of indigenous crops…
Fight against illegal fishing, promotion of sustainable fishing and aquaculture techniques, support to sustainable fishing policies...

Renewable Energies
Solar energy, wind power, biomass, micro-dams, improved cooking stoves and ovens, other approaches to reduce greenhouse gas emissions…

Sustainable exploitation and transformation of local materials, energy-efficient habitats

Biodiversity Conservation
Conservation of animal and plant biodiversity, protection or rehabilitation of terrestrial or marine ecosystems….


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